Ingrid Strecker

I was born in Hamburg and grew up in Berlin, where I now live. For many years I have been working as a freelance artist, my focus being on painting in oil, acrylic and watercolours as well as creating sculptures out of clay and stone. Some of my work is also in bronze. My multifaceted art education opened up various modes of expressing myself. I also enjoy experimenting with different materials, including making stone and marble casts.


art instruction of painting and drawing by Harald Gnade
painting by Sabine Schneider
oil painting and print making by Herbert Sander
act drawing and sculpture by Charvas Chatchaturian
watercolour painting plain air by Hans Stein
collage techniques by Mona Könen
sculptural design by Annelies Rudolph

solo exhibitions (selection)

Landhaus Alte Schmiede, Lühnsdorf 2022/2023
Visit me on by Agora Gallery Chelsea , N. Y., USA 2020
Galerie transform, Berlin 2018
Salzkirche Tangermünde 2016
Rathaus Kleinmachnow 2015
Landhaus Alte Schmiede 2012
Art House am Werbellinsee 2011-2013
Logenhaus Odd-Fellows, Berlin 2004/2005/2006/2008/2010
Bauernmuseum Schloß Blankensee 2009
Alte Schmiede, Lühnsdorf 2007
Galerie Dresdner Bank , Berlin 2000

exhibitions (selection)

Art Fair Miami, Florida 2021, represented by Agora Gallery, NYC
Agora Gallery Chelsea, N. Y., USA 2019
Berliner Wassergalerie, Berlin 2016
Werkstatt-Ausstellung , Berlin 2009/ 2010/ 2011
Grosse Steglitzer Kunstausstellung Universitäts-Klinikum, Berlin 2008
Kunstmarkt Botanischer Garten, Berlin 2005
Alte Schule Stegelitz, Uckermark 2005
Rittberg-Klinikum, Berlin 2004
Galerie Vivantes-Klinikum, Berlin 2004
Ofen- und Keramikmuseum, Velten 2003
Grosse Steglitzer Kunstausstellung Universitäts-Klinikum, Berlin 2003
Ingeborg-Drewitz-Bibliothek, Berlin 2002
Gottfried-Benn-Bibliothek, Berlin 2002
Galerie Vivantes-Klinikum, Berlin 2001
Galerie Mutter Fourage, Berlin 2000